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The noise reduction in indirect-conduct electrocardiograph detection implements by electric potential integrated circuit sensor

WithH. Sun, W. Hu & W. Chen

This paper shows a capacitive coupling DrivenRight-Leg (DRL) configuration for power line noise reduction. Result show the method can effectively reduce the 50Hz power line noise.


IDC-ECG is a state-of-the-art ECG extraction technology which has the ability to measure ECG without

direct skin contact. The pursuit of monitoring ECG in any case such as during exercise, sleeping or working, driven the researchers dedicated into the IDC-ECG technology. YG Lim and his coworkers design an IDCECG device for monitoring ECG during sleep that is adequate for long-term use is provided. The large conductive textile sheet was used in their design (Lim 2007). Tsu-Wang Shen has given an ultra-wearable smart sensor system combines electrocardiogram (earlead ECG) which measures the ECG signals from an ear to an arm. They use metal shell of earphone as the lead of 3-lead ECG detection circuits (Figure 1). According to their research, the ear-lead is a linear combination with regular ECG lead I and III (Shen 2008). Chong-Rong Wu develop an indirect-contact ECG measurement system with their well-designed movable electrode. His experiment shows the signal quality of movable electrode is higher than the one of the fixed electrodes when moving forward and backward as well as the turning left and right (Wu 2013).