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The method exploration to improve the frame rate of digital ultrasound imaging system

WithR. Yang & Z. Li

The medical ultrasound imaging technique and the X-ray imaging technique, magnetic resonance imaging technique and the nuclear medicine imaging technique are recognized as four major modern medical imaging techniques. The size of ultrasound wavelength is the same as a biological cell. When interacting with a biological tissue, it can obtain more information than the X-ray. The ultrasound imaging principle decides that the imaging can be dynamic and repeated. Using the physical characteristics of ultrasound that it spreads in human body, the instrument can show images of the inside organs or diseases and more diseases can be diagnosed accordingly. Compared to other imaging techniques, the medical ultrasound imaging is given widely attention and applications it is portable, relatively safe, real-time, non-invasive and a low price and so on, but it has also some weaknesses. For example, the low frame rate, significantly weaker than CT on the spatial resolution, susceptible to noise and so on. Thus the ultrasound imaging quality should be improved further.