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The situation analysis of biological students’ self-regulated learning in network

WithK. Deng, C. Wang, X. Ouyang, C. Zhang, J. Wang & X. Wang

In computer networks, especially the rapid development of the Internet today, the self-regulated learning online is an important form of extracurricular learning students in medical colleges. Compared with the traditional forms of learning, however, what are the effects of self-regulated learning online, what are the problems and how to solve these problems have been the workers in network education theory and the teachers’ attention and important topic to research. With the questionnaire survey, this paper finds out the existence of Medical College Students’ self-reg ulated learning online problems, analyzes the causes of these problems, researches on strategies and methods to solve these problems, giving enlightenment to people including the organizers of network, medical educators, the supervisors and managers

An important feature of education in Medical University is learning, “three class, seven class”. Because of this, there will be knowledge in the “three

class”, in “seven class”; lapping in “three class”, then “seven points in extracurricular”; inheritance in the “three class”, innovation in “seven class” classical education[1]. It emphasizes the importance of classroom teaching, and explains the extracurricular learning’s being significant in learning ability, innovation and culture, especially education in Medical University at the same time [2].