Hebei Hengshui engineering rubber status and development of enterprise culture construction
ByY. Fu, C. Yu & X. Wang
Pages 4

Enterprise culture is enterprise leadership, led by the general staff on the basis of long-term practice, after years of cultivation, maintain and create, containing its values, beliefs, norms, the core factors such as traditional style comes from the enterprise itself. Once the enterprise formed its own corporate culture, with the corresponding stability and independence, in turn, in the enterprise guidance function, condensation function, incentive function also can have a great active role. Hebei Hengshui rubber industry enterprise culture construction Group has carried out the questionnaire survey, through the problems existing in the enterprise culture construction for research and analysis, and gives the corresponding promotion strategy, in order to improve the enterprise culture construction of Hebei Hengshui rubber industry, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Hengshui rubber industry, and Hebei rubber industry to make some contribution to the development of the economy as a whole.