Analysis of influencing factors of nuclear power investment cost
ByB.Y. Liu, D.X. Niu, Y.L. Xu, J.P. Liu, L.Y. Sun & L. Wang
Pages 6

Interpretative Structure Modeling (ISM) is a way to analyse problems of complex socio-economic systems developed by J.N. Warfield (1973). It has been widely applied in modern industries. It is used to analyse the risk transmission assessment of electricity price chain in China (Y.X. He et al. 2013), being used to analyze the systematical structure and assess the relationship between eco-environment and urbanization (Y.B. Liu et al. 2011), being used to develop a structural model of barriers to implement solar power installations in India (M. F. Ansari et al. 2013), and being used to find out the interaction among the criteria used for the supply development(K.Govindan et al.2010).