The development of the schrebergarten in China—based on the evolution of the Japanese schrebergarten and enlightenment
ByJ. Hua, H. Chen & Y. Wang
Pages 4

The schrebergartens are provided by the land owners, and let the citizen participate in the form of leisure experience, learning agricultural production, which is an important form of leisure agriculture. Schrebergartens emerged at the beginning of this century, a recent development in our country. Along with urbanization and the rapid development of social economy, peoples’ income increases; the concept of life and the consumption structure changes, this relatively new experience of schrebergartens has also drawn keen interest. Compared to ours, Japan’s schrebergarten development is not only common but Japan’s state of similarity to China’s, namely that agriculture is main to peasant household as the unit of small business at present, China’s agricultural industrial structure adjustment, leisure agriculture and schrebergarten rapid rise, inevitably bring all sorts of problems with them. It is significant for China to refer the development of

the Japanese schrebergarten of the development of leisure agriculture.