Analysis on the current situation of and development of a strategy for the renewable energy resources industry in Beijing
ByX.H. Zhang, W.P. Chen, Y.F. Tian, M. Zhang, J.X. Sun & S.P. Liu
Pages 6

Beijing geothermal resources are mainly found in the plains region, belonging to a basin conductive medium and low temperature geothermal field, and the temperature range of hot-water type geothermal resources is 25-89°C. Through the exploration, the area of the plains region with a depth less than 3500 meters and the temperature higher than 50°C is about 2760 square kilometers. A stock of geothermal water is up to 17.973 billion cubic meters, of which the contained geothermal energy is 3772 × 1015 Joule equal to generating capacity of 215 million tons of standard coal equivalent. During the “12th Five-Year Plan”, Beijing’s service scope of the projects about heating systems in buildings by using the heat from the shallow layer of the earth has rapidly increased, more than 660 geothermal heat pump projects have established with over 15 million square meters heating area.