Study on the conditions of national green equity trading center construction in Hubei Province
ByL. Yunhua & X. Huan
Pages 4

In the new round of global finance, environmental industry has become a new bright spot and represents the future direction of economic development. Green equity products trading has tremendous market potential, such as carbon trading, city mine resources trading and Emission trading. The global market in carbon emissions trading has reached $60 billion in 2007 and $100 billion in 2012, in which Chinese environmental protection projects accounted for 1/3. China has become the world’s major supplier in international carbon


Haze, water pollution, energy and resources security have recently become a great concern of the whole society problem. Therefore, national green equity trading center construction in Hubei Province, use of market mechanisms, in the market economy framework and designed by means of economic adjustment as the main driving force, has a low cost, efficient completion of tasks for environmental protection and international obligations of states, gets the government and the public’s attention. Due to urgent need for water, “green equity transaction” achieves “measurable, reportable, tradable” effect in energy-saving emission reduction, but also connects financial capital with real economy. As the dynamic mechanism of development of low-carbon economy, it connects with the “two type” society construction of Wuhan city circle, and improves the organic combination of real economy and virtual economy. At the present, green equity products trading reflects huge market potential. Then, what are the realistic conditions of national green equity trading center construction in Hubei province?