Research on the green logistics evaluation of Chang-zhu-tan urban agglomeration in the view of low carbon economy
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On the basis of the related studies, the green logistics of urban agglomeration can be understood as follows: First, in the market economic system, it has to consider the following important factors within the scope of radiation about urban agglomeration, such as transportation, resources, energy and ecological factors, information, knowledge. What is more, it should be guided by the government, dominated by enterprises, and supported by the public in the process of the comprehensive optimization about regional logistics of urban agglomeration. Last but not the least, by reducing the environmental impact of logistics activities, it must be combined with environmental, economic


The chang-zhu-tan urban agglomeration as the comprehensive reform pilot area of national resourcesaving and environment-friendly society, in order to achieve the low carbon economic goal of “twooriented society”, must implement green logistics in the government, enterprises, public and other fields to tie in with the construction of “two-oriented society”, which will obtain the win-win opportunity of economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits, and meet its requirements of sustainable development of the economy and society. But, the study of green logistics factors system about urban agglomeration has not formed a unified evaluation index system in China and abroad. Therefore, this paper conducts a study of green logistics on Changzhu-tan urban agglomeration, aiming to find out the green logistics elements, to build a suitable evaluation index system of green logistics on urban agglomerations, and to provide reference for the green logistics promotion of the urban agglomeration in China.