The research on the sedative and analgesic effects of the Yuntongding capsule
ByM. Miao, K. Xiao & Y. Miao
Pages 4

Yuntongding capsules are produced by Henan Longdu Pharmaceutical Co., batch number 110507; Yunfujing tablets are produced by Sichuan pearl Pharmaceutical Co., batch number 110301051; six headache tablets are produced by Shanxi renyuantang Medicine Co., batch number 20110501; Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is produced by Tianjin Hengxing Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd, batch number 20060723; sodium pentobarbital is produced by the Solarbio, batch number: 6900183; antimony potassium tartrate is produced by Tianjin Chemical Reagent Factory, batch number 080727.