Effects of Ficus carica polysaccharide on the aging of model mice
ByM.S. Miao, L. Guo, X.Y. Fang & L.N. Wang
Pages 4

Ficus carica polysaccharide is the inflorescence of the mature or nearly mature inside flowers and achene in Sanyeco plant Ficus carica L, commonly used for medicine and food. With the flavor of sweetness and flat and with the function of spleen and stomach, lungs and cough, detoxification swelling. Recent studies show that, it has obvious the efficacy of anti tumor [1] and can treat dyspepsia, constipation, chronic dysentery, hemorrhoids and other diseases. By eating fresh Ficus carica, people can get rid of ascaris and hookworm [2]. In order to further investigate the role and characteristics of Ficus carica, we studied the effects of Ficus carica polysaccharide on the aging model mice, the report is as follows.