Hypothetical analysis of employees’ work performance based on HPHRP
ByL. Zhang
Pages 4

Hypothesis 1: HPHRP is of positive correlation with employees’ in-role performance.

Hypothesis 2: HPHRP is of positive correlation with employees’ OCB.

1.2 Influence of HPHRP on employees’ competency

Competency is the work-related knowledge, skills or abilities of an individual. According to the relevant theory of human resource management and practical research, enterprises can not only recruit and select competent employees by using selection, organizational cultural cultivation and other effective measures, but also improve employees’s competency by providing training, high-performance pay, stable working environment and other practical

With the continuously deepening of the research on enterprises’ strategic human resource management, some scholars propose that great attention should be paid to the importance of High Performance Human Resource Practices (HPHRP). On employees’ individual attitude and behaviors as well as the realization of enterprises’ strategic objective. HPHRP refers to the human resource management practices that manage, motivate and mobilize employees by organizations, including post placement, training, internal turnover, job safety, job description, objective evaluation, incentive pay, wide participation and other contents, which coordinate and influence with each other and make contributions to the high-performance and continuous competitive advantages of organizations. Under this background, this paper further discusses the influence of HPHRP on employees’ work performance through the proposal of theoretical hypothesis.