Industrial design professional innovation talents training mode of agricultural sciences college
ByJ. Zhang, L. Li, J. Li & C. Wang
Pages 4

Since 2002, when our school implemented a credit system, it has become what the industrial design education workers need to think positively that how to play the advantages of its cross discipline, improve students’ innovative ability and the time skills. According to the characteristics of potential student (the polytechnic potential students, enrollment of students in our school not add try painting base before testing), teaching environment and education policy, on the talent training scheme design based on “thick foundation, wide caliber”, implementation of engineering education and art education in parallel mode of education, and in accordance with the requirements of innovative talent training, strengthen practical teaching, make students after undergraduate study have a certain knowledge of industrial design, product manufacturing technology and scientific management ability, be engaged in industrial product modeling design, visual communication design, environmental design work of senior engineering and technical personnel.