The first language and second language in classroom teaching
ByD. Zhenfa
Pages 2

In class, teachers should provide a very relaxed study atmosphere. They should tell students “Do not be afraid of making mistakes, only when you speak out, can you find your mistakes and correct them.” Teachers should teach students how to use the words they know to express their opinions, no matter how easy the words are. And when students are stuck, and cannot get the exact word to express their ideas, teachers should encourage them to use the words they already know to describe the words they do not know rather than tell them that unknown word directly. Rewards system can always be an effective method to inspire students’ motivation to communicate in L2. For students who keep using the target language, teachers would give them some rewards to encourage them. However, for those who use L1 in class, some ‘punishments’ would be given to them, like singing an English song or telling an English joke or story.