Bridge maintenance funding optimizing using simulated annealing algorithm
ByY.F. Zhong, X.G. Yang & Q.W. Li
Pages 6

SA algorithm can be applied in the bridge maintenance funding allocation. If the maintenance budget is fixed, the optimization of maintenance funding among bridges is conducted using SA algorithm, as shown in Figure 1, in which S is denoted


Bridges deteriorate with time due to aggressive environments and ever-increasing traffic volume and loads. In order to ensure satisfactory longterm safety and performance of traffic networks, maintenance must be carried out in a timely and adequate manner for mitigating progressive deterioration. However, maintenance needs for deteriorating bridges have far outpaced available scarce funds that governments and highway agencies can provide. To solve this situation, advanced techniques to cost-effectively allocate maintenance resources to deteriorating bridges become very important. Some authors have developed a Bridge Management System (BMS) to assist in the comprehensive bridge maintenance of primarily concrete bridges (Miyamoto et al. 1998; Kawamura et al. 2000). However, existing systems are not efficient in optimizing the maintenance budget of bridges in the greater bridge systems.