Evaluation of cycling economy on famous tourism towns in the Heilongjiang province with a case study on Jingbo Town of Mudanjiang
ByS. Jing & M. Chao
Pages 4

This paper takes the field investigation as the foundation, the reference of evaluation index system of


Cycling economy is regarded as a new kind of economic mode which enables the resource environment to be limiting factors and good ecology to be public goods. Cycling economy takes “reduction, recycling, harmless” as its guiding principle, characteristics of resources recycling and use of the ecological system principle to build the “resources-products-renewable resources” feedback process, maximize the resource utilization efficiency and reduce the effects of resource utilization on the environment, economy and the sustainable development of resources, environment coordinated model [1]. As one of twelve tourist towns of Heilongjiang province, the construction of Jingbo town is the implementation of the “top ten projects” of the provincial party committee and government. It also follows the strategy of “the eight economic zone”, which is one of the significant deployment of Heilongjiang province. Thus, the construction of tourism town is of important practical significance. By the cycling economy construction, a recycle material, resources, energy can be achieved to improve efficiency. Through the quantitative evaluation on Jingbo tourism cycling economy level, the factors limit the development of cycling economy can be traced to offer a basis of the scientific regulation [2].