Study on radar oil spill detection and automatic reports generation system of marine oil platform
ByD. Jiang, L. Qu, Q. Wang, T. Zhang & D. Kong
Pages 4

As above, Figure 1 is a system standard setting interface, the image of black background is a sample of the standard image.

Hough Transform is used for the standard image, from which the line numbers in the image could be got, and on this basis, the input image is determined to be either abnormal or normal. The input image is converted to grayscale SRC Img. Then the Canny algorithm for edge detection of gray image is used, the corresponding function is: cvCanny(temp_Img,edge_Img,50,100), 50 and 100 are for the two threshold setting, the 50 is used to control the edge connectivity, threshold of 100 is used to control the strong edge initial


The WAVEX system of MIROS Company, an oil spill radar surveillance system (OSD) used to monitor the marine oil pollution from oil platforms, the primary radar data output pictures could not meet ordinary needs. A new system was designed to meet these needs, to automatically generating the reports which include pretreatment information of oil spills, automatically identifying and screening the oil spill regions which were estimated as suspicious by field monitoring, and among other things calculating the area of each region of the oil spill.