Research on teaching material construction of “Electrical Engineering and Electronics” based on outstanding engineers plan
ByX. Xu
Pages 4

For many years, the construction of teaching material plays an important role in course construction. In order to cultivate advanced application-oriented talents with wider knowledge and more solid foundations, application ability and good comprehensive quality, schools generally choose excellent teaching material (Wang Yifan et al. 2012). For example, the general machinery and optical information major in our school chose the teaching material of “Electro-technology” edited by Qin Zenghuang, the teaching material is oriented to the 21st century curriculum, which is national key material in higher education “11th five-year plan”. Chemistry and management major generally chose teaching material of “Electrical Engineering and Electronics” edited by Tang Jie, as one of the country “11th five-year plan” planned textbooks, the teaching material acquire the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. Civil engineering generally chose teaching material of “Electro-technology” edited by Gu Weizhong. In order to make students learn better, the “Electrical Engineering and Electronics” course, “Electrical Engineering and Electronics” course specialized group select some references, such as “circuit” edited by Qiu Guanyuan, “Electronic Technology Foundation” edited by Kang


“Electrical Engineering and Electronics” is an important subject foundation course for nonelectrical majors in colleges and universities. With the rapid development of science and technology and the social economy, the number of teaching quality requests put forward by every country’s advanced engineering education is becoming higher and higher. Faced with the urgent request for transformation and upgrading of China’s economic development and improving international competitiveness, and in order to foster a large number of all kinds of engineering and technical personnel with strong innovative ability which can also meet China’s economic and social development needs, “Excellent Engineers Training Plan” based on regarding ability training as the target of education was proposed by Ministry of Education in June 2010. Current “Electrical Engineering and Electronics” textbook is hard to adapt to the teaching requirements of “Excellent Engineers Training Plan”, therefore, it is very important for improving students’ engineering practice, the engineering design and engineering innovation ability to redesign “Electrical Engineering and Electronics” course teaching content, and to strengthen the construction of “Electrical Engineering and Electronics” teaching material.