Off-premise ATM location assessment study based on extension analytic hierarchy process
ByB. Lv & J. Shi
Pages 6

Off-premise ATM has gradually attracted the attention of banks in recent years. There are still not too many direct studies of off-premise ATM location but most of the research is designed around bank business outlets location. On the whole, researches from abroad are mainly theoretical researches which through the establishment of various mathematical model and algorithms to carry out alternatives’ assessment. So their theoretical innovation is stronger. For example: Jiaqin Yang and Huei Lee put forward to the hierarchical analysis method for the location decision-making from an organizational view [1]. After that, Chingfu Chen, Paul Berger, Amy Zeng, Seyhan Sipahi, Mehpare Timor as well as S. Vinodh, KR Shivraman, S. Viswesh etc. respectively applied analytic hierarchy method to different facilities location problems and thus making the Analytic Hierarchy Process applications more widely [2-4]. Kolesar assessed the workload and crowed extent where installed ATM machine by using queued analysis method in order to determine what areas needed to install additional ATM machines [5]. Few authors would consider off-premise ATM location but merely conduct research confined to the fixed service facilities which can provide more services. Berman developed his model and algorithms in his study which can be applied to arbitrariness service facilities location and he also expressed that they can be applied to ATM machine location problem [6].