New changes and influences of the international Photovoltaic market and coping strategies of the Chinese Photovoltaic industry
ByZ.D. Pan, Q.S. Wei & J.C. Liu
Pages 6

The exploitation of clean renewable energy has become an important social and economic development strategy of the world to rid itself of the fossil energy shortage crisis. China has experienced two high-speed photovoltaic development expansion periods, and now has become the largest photovoltaic production base in the world. However, a series of problems still exist behind the rapid development, among which the dependence on the global PV(Photovoltaic) market has become an important factor restricting Chinese PV industry development. In order to solve these problems, this paper will explore the influence of the global PV market changes on China, and put forward some reasonable countermeasures through analyzing the present situation of the Chinese PV industry and the international PV market changes.