Printability and electrical conductivity of MWCNT-acrylate photo-sensitive nano-composite
ByA. Ortega, N.S. Kim & B.W. Park
Pages 6

Research on reinforced polymers with carbon nanotubes CNT has increased because of the potential improvement in mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties to the polymer. The development of CNT-polymer nano composites has been focused on preparation and dispersion in commonly available polymers. The mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of a large number of CNT-polymer nanocomposites have been largely studied. (Iwahoria et al. 2005, Lorenza et al. 2009) Even small additions of 0.1% wt. of MWCNT in a double phase material can increase the thermal conductivity and young moduli of polymeric elastomers (F. Bauer et al. 2007, Katherine M et al. 2007). However the optimization of fabrication techniques capable of processing MWCNT-polymer composites, while maintaining the microstructure of the composite is still a challenge.