Physicochemical modeling of hypergene processes proceeding in tailing dumps of Krasnorechenskaya concentrating mill using renovated base of thermodynamic data (Dal’negorsk District)
ByV.P. Zvereva, A.M. Kostina & A.I. Lysenko
Pages 4

The “Selector” is a universal program facility, the list of its potential phases is most complete as compared with other complexes and it answers all requirements imposed upon the programs for calculation of chemical equilibriums. I.K. Karpov, V.A. Bychinsky, and other researchers successfully solved such problems on the example of other systems (Avchenko et al. 2009, Borisov 2000, Bychinsky et al. 2008, Golovnykh et al. 2007, Grichuk 2000, Karpov 1971, 1977).