Foamed slag glass—unique insulating material
ByE.A. Yatsenko, V.A. Smolii, B.M. Goltsman & A.S. Kosarev
Pages 4

Thermal insulation is not the only purpose of the foam glass, it is used for protection against noise, as a filler in three-dimensional details and even as decorative material. And finally, it is also important that foam glass is an environmentally friendly product (Ponsot & Bernardo, 2013). The main drawback of foam glass is its high price compared with the market counterparts. In this regard the possibility was investigated of development of thermal-insulating material-lowdensity Foamed Slag Glass (FSG)—with partial replacement of glass cullet on the thermal power plants slag waste which is similar to it in chemical composition and significantly reducing cost of the final material.