The new democratic revolution in music during the play experience of ideological and political education function
ByC. Dan
Pages 4

From 1931 to 1934, the CPC Central Committee, China National Soviet, Soviet Area organizations at all levels issued hundreds of “resolution”. “The decision to require the active use of revolutionary songs, the revolutionary drama, revolutionary dance form of music, publicize the revolutionary situation, revolutionary mobilization, improve the quality of the mass culture at the same time the Soviet Area Governments at all levels have established institutions guide the revolutionary music. Arts Council set up in the Central Health Education People’s


Accumulated a wealth of experience and lessons learned in the process of publicity and education, analyzed and summarized these lessons for our party better use of revolutionary music in the new era of ideological and political education has a positive reference. Revolutionary music from the original May Fourth Movement to the founding of New China, our Party revolution in music to the ideological and political content becomes richer and more and more diverse forms means more and more, until the victory of New Democratic Revolution. This fact, the experience can be summarized as follows: attach great importance to the status and role of revolutionary music in the Chinese revolution and construction; revolutionary music should always adhere to the correct leadership of the party; adhere to the revolutionary masses, the popular revolutionary music on the road; by rich diverse content in the form to improve the relevance and timeliness; of revolutionary music, revolutionary music creation from the practice of close ties with the revolutionary struggle of the actual and social life; inherit the national cultural heritage, the creation of new forms of revolutionary music.