chapter  15
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Working with pupils with English as an additional language

ByLiz Laycock

The most recent statistics from the Teacher Training Agency reveal that a very small proportion of newly qualified teachers felt that their courses had prepared them well to teach pupils who have English as an Additional Language (EAL). Similarly, many established teachers feel unsure how to support those pupils new to English. The National Literacy strategy (NLS) materials, initially, gave some guidance (in Section 4 of the NLS Framework for Teaching (1998)) about specific strategies to ensure the inclusion of pupils with EAL, but such guidance was not often incorporated into literacy hour planning. Fuller training guidance, which includes video exemplification of approaches to planning and teaching, followed in 2002 with the revised edition of The National Literacy Strategy. Supporting Pupils Learning English as an Additional Language. These materials are intended ‘to support schools with the development of strategies to promote inclusive teaching and to raise the attainment of pupils learning EAL’.