chapter  2
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The victim of neonaticide is often the product of an unwanted pregnancy. No gender or racial bias has been determined for the victim.1,2 The perpetrator is usually the mother, young, described as immature, and unmarried.1-25 Often the mother will still be living at home with her parents (Table 2.2). In virtually every case, the mother is the lone perpetrator, the birth and the killing

2.1 Definitions 25 2.2 Victim and Perpetrator 25 2.3 Cause of Death 26 2.4 Scene Investigation 26 2.5 Concealment and Denial of Pregnancy and Birth 29 2.6 Stillborn versus Liveborn 30

2.6.1 Autopsy Findings: Stillborn versus Liveborn 30 2.7 Placenta and Umbilical Cord 33

2.7.1 Umbilical Cord 33 2.8 Ancillary Studies 33

2.8.1 Identity 34 2.9 Blunt Force Trauma 34

2.9.1 Toilet Deliveries 35 2.10 Conclusion 36 References 37

are unwitnessed, and the killing occurs immediately after the birth.1-29 Most cases of neonaticide occur outside of the hospital setting.10 Often both the pregnancy and the fact that there was even a birth are concealed.26-29 The exact prevalence of neonaticide is difficult to determine because of these factors (Table 2.3).