chapter  7
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Dedicated to the Job

On Friday, May 5, 2006, Constable John Atkinson was shot and killed in Windsor, Ontario, by a man who thought killing a police officer was some sort of badge of honor. “It’s the first time in 120 years that a cop was killed in Windsor, and I did it,” Nikkolas Brennan was quoted as saying. “I’m getting life for this (expletive). I don’t have to worry about paying rent anymore. I better get some respect up in here. I’m a killer…This is the sickest thing I’ve ever done. It was the highlight of my life, killing a cop.” (The Windsor Star, October 25, 2007)

The killer was caught and sent to prison for the mandatory life sentence. Unfortunately, one day he will probably be free from his prison. Those who loved Constable Atkinson-his family and friends-will suffer the horrors of that day for the rest of their lives.