chapter  4
Against the Grain
Heidegger and Musical Attunement
WithErik Wallrup
Pages 17

The philosopher Andrew Bowie has suggested that Martin Heidegger in another series of lectures—on logic and truth, held in Marburg four years earlier—hinted at the ambiguity of Weise without making anything of it. Bowie is very well aware of the fact that he needs Besseler in order to musicalise Heidegger since he has disregarded the extremely rare formulation in The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics. The music-dramas by Wagner made people gather and share experiences, the works told the old German sagas once again but with a modern accent, they persuaded the spectators that they had a common fate, they assaulted the willing listeners with an emotional turmoil. Music is characterised by the two prominent features of modern culture: calculability and subjectivity; it is both number and feeling. The conception of music as either a kind of mathematical manipulation or an emotionality characterised by total passivity is changed into a perspective where music allows to encounter the world-disclosure itself.