chapter  8
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Sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities and innovations in the Queenstown food sector

WithMansi Sheth, Masoud Karami, Karen Murphy

Food-truck services are a growing and interesting worldwide phenomenon providing affordable and delicious food, attracting people of all age groups. Food trucks are very popular in the USA, Asia and many European countries. However, in Queenstown, New Zealand, very few such businesses exist. This study investigates the potential market and opportunities in this sector in the specific context of Queenstown, the “adventure capital of the world”. This study was carried out by adopting a mixed method research approach comprising interviews and surveys. The five qualitative interviews with food-truck/stall owners aided in providing an in-depth understanding of the entrepreneurial opportunity in the context of food trucks, together with the crucial factors and impediments regarding setting up, operating and sustaining such a business in Queenstown. The quantitative study was undertaken by analyzing responses from 70 individuals traveling or residing in Queenstown which enabled an understanding to be reached of the consumers’ perspective regarding food trucks. The results confirm the existing literature on consumer behavior as well as entrepreneurial opportunity. The findings show that there is a considerable market for food trucks in Queenstown, which needs to be explored and exploited by entrepreneurs. Networking, prior experience, creativity and passion are the crucial factors for operating the business.