chapter  7
19 Pages

Social Enterprise Landscape in Thailand

WithPrapin Nuchpiam, Chanya Punyakumpol

Thailand has witnessed a growing interest in social enterprise, and a social enterprise sector may indeed be said to have developed. This chapter shows how Thailand’s traditional third sector has emerged from the historical roots and the evolving public policy setup. It explains how, through a process of transition and adaptation, Thai social enterprise has emerged from the traditional third sector. The chapter presents the social enterprise sector’s typology and its legal and regulatory regime. Many factors are relevant for understanding the development of the Thai social enterprise landscape. A number of factors shape the context in which social enterprises are developing and operating in Thailand. Some of these factors relate to the sector’s historical roots, and in particular to the early civil society organisations, including religious institutions and voluntary associations. The chapter looks at the process of transition and adaptation from which Thai social enterprise has emerged.