chapter  5
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Who Manages?

On becoming an environmental manager
WithValerie Brown, David Ingle Smith, Rob Wiseman, John Handmer

When environmental management equals constructive conflict management, the question ‘Who is the manager’ is answered by ‘Whoever is involved in the issue itself’. That is not to suggest that anarchy must reign, or even that the process is always democratic. But it does confirm that where coordinated, cooperative processes are in place everybody in the affected community is contributing to environmental management. Reliance on a hierarchical or broken chain of responsibility is linked to a hierarchical and fragmented view of the environment. In the current highly specialised world responsibility is sharply divided, both vertically (between different levels of management), and horizontally (across the range of professions and interests). A partial sum of the fragmentation is indicated in Figure 5.1. Thus the constructive conflict management strategies and skills listed in Figure 5.1 lie outside of much of current management experience.