chapter  10
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Training and development for employees returning to work after parental leave

WithJoanna B. Yarker, Hans-Joachim Wolfram, Nina M. Junker

Many parents return to work following parental leave every day, yet evidence on the prevalence and impact of practices employed by organisations to support their return is sparse. Training and development for returning parents often places a focus on the practicalities of return, such as access to flexible work. In this chapter, we discuss two relevant aspects in research and practice to highlight what trainings to assist returning parents should focus on. These involve the changes in behaviour, attitudes, and identity because of becoming a parent as well as spillover experiences between family and work. We then turn to the literature on sickness absence to examine how models developed to support employees after long-term sickness absence may be helpful in guiding return-to-work programmes after parental leave. We conclude with practical recommendations and lay out a journey to navigate employees’ training and development before, during, and after parental leave.