chapter  5
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Transport properties of InN

ByV. Cimalla, V. Lebedev, O. Ambacher, V. M. Polyakov, F. Schwierz, M. Niebelschu¨tz, G. Ecke, T. H. Myers, and W. J. Schaff

Up to the year 2000, sputter deposition was the predominant method for growth of InN films. For those early samples, which were polycrystalline in nature, a band gap of ∼ 1.9 eV [5.5], high electron mobilities up to 2700 cm2/Vs and electron concentrations down to 5×1016 cm−3 were reported [5.6]. However, these values have not been reproduced to date for sputtered films, and more recent systematic investigations with growth by sputtering demonstrate maximum electron mobility

and minimum free electron concentrations of about 300 cm2/Vs and 1019 cm−3, respectively.