chapter  11
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Theory of native point defects and impurities in InN

ByA. Janotti and C. G. Van de Walle

InN is a semiconductor with a narrow direct band gap of ∼0.7 eV [11.5-11.7] and an exceptionally high electron mobility. Owing to very favorable velocity/field characteristics, InN is a promising material for high-electron-mobility transistors, with potentially enhanced performance over GaN-based devices [11.8]. Another application is in terahertz devices [11.9]. InN can also be mixed with GaN (direct band gap of 3.4 eV) in the form of InGaN alloys with direct band gaps spanning a wide range of the spectrum, from infrared (0.7 eV) to ultraviolet (3.4 eV) [11.10, 11.11]. InGaN alloys are, therefore, promising materials for applications in optoelectronic devices such as high-efficiency solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and laser diodes.