chapter  Chapter 17
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Information Technology and learningThe shifting identities of learners and educators

WithKyriaki Anagnostopoulou

Health education draws together a number of different disciplines such as health psychology, public health, philosophy, policy, science and sociology. These are considered in the models of health that are used by practitioners for individual and collective interventions. Some of the models centre on the idea that individuals can control their health through lifestyle choices, whereas others acknowledge the powerful role of societal structures. This chapter focuses on how different models of health influence how we teach health education. It focuses on social learning theories and how these support more social and collective approaches in health education. The chapter draws from the idea of learning networks to explore how this approach to health education can help us to conceptualise how these fields interact, and how new approaches in education, such as network learning through actor-network theory, can add to the criticality of health education. Health behaviours are influenced by a variety of factors, including health beliefs and social influences.