chapter  Chapter 18
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Early Childhood Studies degreesA twisty road

WithIoanna Palaiologou, Zenna Kingdon

This chapter examines issues of professionalism in education, discussing broader changes in educational occupations globally but with particular reference to the context of teaching in England. It discusses the role of governments, representative bodies and educational institutions in developing professionals and their role in society. The chapter considers some prominent models of professionalism in education, highlighting more descriptive models based on sociological and historical study and some more normative approaches which emphasise particular views of teacher professionalism. It also discusses the issues of teachers’ professional knowledge and expertise, and addresses the development of teaching standards and the importance of values in teaching. In England, educational occupations professionalised in the twentieth century, in parallel with the development of the welfare state, and have been strongly influenced by government education policy. Educational knowledge is multifaceted, and teachers may need situated understanding, technical knowledge and the capacity to critically reflect to work professionally.