chapter  2
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Metaphysics and Methodology

WithRom Harré

Philosophy of science ought to be making an essential contribution both to the methodology and to the metaphysics of both animal and human psychology. The metaphysical problem that has preoccupied theoreticians and philosophers for the period that roughly corresponds to the reinvention of scientific psychology, say post-Wundt, has been the relation between mind and brain. In working towards the outlines of an ontology, one must bear in mind that a most important aspect of the account of the elementary units of any metaphysical scheme involves the way such elements are identified and individuated. Traditional metaphysics of psychology has, by and large, been little more than an elaboration of the basic Newtonian scheme of material things, located in a flat space and time and interacting causally. The metaphysical innovations introduced in the image of the conversation space have ontological implications as well.