chapter  8
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Successful Early Interventions for Children at High Risk for Failure in School

WithCraig T. Ramey, Sharon Landesman Ramey

In this chapter, the authors present new findings showing that certain children and families benefit much more than do others from early educational interventions. They summarize new evidence of long-term positive effects of early intervention on Intelligence quotient and academic achievement. The quality of the school programs children receive after early intervention must be considered in any comparison of effects across different studies. The authors discuss why they think early educational intervention is beneficial for many children and propose key ingredients that are needed in the lives of all young children. Health and education policy is being viewed with an eye toward the likelihood that early interventions will be a positive factor in leading to long-term benefits in developmental status, educational progress, and, ultimately, constructive participation in the social and economic life of our society. Infants in the smaller low birthweight category and the larger category benefited from the intensive early intervention.