chapter  6
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Political Origins of Corporatist Order: The Politics of Enterprise Reform

WithMari Kuraishi Horne

The politics of enterprise reform in Russia, more than any other political process taking place there today, will determine the nature and limits of state intervention in the economy for the foreseeable future. Enterprise reform may lack the drama of the conflicts between the president and the legislature, or even of tensions between the central government and regional authorities. The political costs of pursuing a reform program in a country with an uncertain constitutional base have been high. Political decentralization also affects the power and coherence of the state in general, and may lead to situations where policies decided at the center are not always implemented by the local authorities delegated to do so. In early 1992 Russian reformers chose to emphasize rapid transformation of the economy, despite the accompanying pain of transition and the potential political instability. The enterprise sector in Russia today is saturated with associations, a term used loosely to cover an immense variety of enterprise organizations.