chapter  7
34 Pages

Economic Performance and Policies in the Defense Industrial Regions of Russia

WithClifford Gaddy

This chapter is provides some new sources of information and a new approach to bear in the analysis of these issues. It presents the types and sources of the data used in the analyses, as well as the statistical methods employed. The chapter discusses data from the mid-1980s to test hypotheses about the economic status of the defense industrial regions on the threshold of the Gorbachev era. It examines the economic performance of the defense regions in the period following the so-called Gaidar reforms of early 1992. The chapter determines the extent to which defense regions may have differed from other regions in their willingness to embrace economic reform policies. It presents an interpretation of the results of the April 1993 referendum with particular emphasis on differences in defense and non-defense regions. Regressions were run to test the relationship between defense industry concentration and both the quantity and quality of housing available to the region's residents.