chapter  5
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WithSidney Bailey Hacker, Robert D. Sommerfeld

Minnesota is becoming an increasingly export-based economy. This chapter discusses distinguishing demographic and economic characteristics of Minnesota, and introduces the conditions fostering high-technology interests within the state. Minnesota's programmatic efforts to develop high-technology within the state incorporate three main objectives: improvement of the University of Minnesota, incubation of high-technology businesses, and private-sector involvement in policymaking. Geographic impact is an important dimension of Minnesota's high-technology programs. The majority of Minnesota's public and private endeavors in high-technology development are directed at creating and fostering home-grown companies. Minnesota has employed a variety of strategies to implement the state's high-technology development objectives. After an overview of state programs, four specific programs are explored in greater depth to discern what ideas Minnesota has to offer in high-technology development. These programs include: the Governor's Office of Science and Technology, Microelectronics and Information Sciences Center, Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation, and Minnesota Wellspring.