chapter  6
34 Pages

New York

WithHarald Fischer, Amy Miriam Peck

Policymaking, politics, economics, and the attractiveness of high-technology are intertwined in the history and functioning of New York's science and technology policy. This chapter deals with a comparison of the New York's demographic, economic, and high-technology industry characteristics to those of the nation. Prior to the formulation of an explicit state science and technology policy, New York financially supported basic research in higher education institutions and had in place a solid agricultural extension service. Of the programs implemented by the New York State Science and Technology Foundation as part of the New York State science and technology policy, the chapter assesses four programs. These programs include: the Centers for Advanced Technology, the Regional Technology Development Organizations, the Research and Development Grants Program, and the Corporation for Innovation Development Program. In assessing the programs of New York's science and technology policy, three issues of concern and caution surfaced repeatedly. These issues include: funding, selection process, and geography.