chapter  7
28 Pages

North Carolina

WithMark Howard, Mary Kragie

Early evidence of North Carolina's standing support of science and technology can be found in the state's long-standing commitment to higher education. North Carolina's economy has historically been dominated by manufacturing and agriculture. In North Carolina, relatively few people are employed in the high-technology sector. North Carolina science and technology policy involves activities in four categories: policymaking and coordination; education, training, and employment; linking university and industry research; and business incentives for technological innovations. The chapter presents more detailed reviews of five North Carolina programs. These programs include: the North Carolina Board of Science and Technology, the North Carolina Community Colleges Customized Job Training, the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, the North Carolina Technological Development Authority, and the Research Triangle Institute. Many of these programs are considered successful because they have had powerful and influential advocates, especially Governor Hunt and Quentin Lindsey.