chapter  12
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Organizational Management: A Point of View

WithMilton Grodsky

The common themes of the "new" and "improved" management processes dictate a renewed interest in the education of managers and executives, since they are the part of the workforce which will provide the leadership for change. Thus die education of such individuals assumes importance if organizations are to be effective. Since the mid- to late-1980s the US has attempted to regain its ascendancy by introducing such "new" management processes as Total Quality Management, Redesigning Organizations, Organizational Flattening, and Reengineering Organizations. Needs assessment conducted at that time with numerous senior executives in all sectors of the economy revealed clear concurrence that what was required was not being offered, at that time, by traditional schools of business. Management's primary function is to forecast events so that organizations in all sectors of the economy can be proactive in their interactions with their environment.