chapter  8
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Public Participation in the Tennessee Valley Authority's Energy Planning Process, 1983

WithDawn S. Ford

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), established in 1933, is a corporate agency of the United States Government. It is responsible for power production, environmental quality, and economic and resource development in the seven-state Tennessee Valley region. To encourage effective public participation, TVA involves the public early in the decision-making process and provides accurate, understandable, and pertinent information on issues involving agency programs. The Citizen Action Office is responsible for planning and directing programs to ensure that public concern and complaints receive an objective and responsible review within the agency. TVA also added a seventh standard for consideration: a special additional charge for new, electrically heated or cooled, energy inefficient homes. At the root of TVA's public participation program are ongoing educational and constituency building activities with a variety of citizen groups affected by and interested in the agency. In 1974 the TVA power system had seven nuclear projects underway or planned, involving a total of 17 reactors.