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Management of Non-fuel Minerals: A Mining Industry Perspective

WithThomas C. Nelson

The mining industry quotes the Office of Technology Assessment and the Department of the Interior for its information on withdrawals. Dr. Netschert's discussion of national security and mineral lands should be considered, where applicable, in tandem with Dr. Landsberg's dissertation on US minerals policy in last month's "Resources." Alaska Mining Association President David Heatwole gave an interesting presentation on Alaska exploration during a technical session on Alaska lands at the American Mining Congress convention October 13, 1982. Through a series of slides, Mr. Heatwole showed that the Canadian Yukon, Alaska, and Siberia share the same harsh climates, lack of transportation, and the same geological formations. In view of the supply data which are widely accepted and the record on access to foreign resources that it is more important than ever, contending that where there is the possibility of viable domestic mineral production it be given every opportunity to succeed.