chapter  4
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Management of Integrated Social Services for the Poor: The Case of Bongchun-dong, Seoul

WithWhang In-Joung

The rapid growth of population in Seoul created shortages of urban services, both physical and social, which tended to be acute not only because of the increase in the demand for services but also because of the inability of the poor to meet their needs with their limited resources. This chapter analyzes the management system for the delivery of urban services to the poor in a particular area, Bongchun-dong. The project area under study is Bongchun-dong, a typical urban squatter area in which the majority of residents are poor. The integrated social service project is being implemented in Bongchun-dong on an experimental basis through the coordinated endeavors of a number of agencies. Three types of community groups are working in the study area to meet the needs of the urban poor. They are a cluster of popular organizations set up through government intitiatives, the Community Development Committee organized within the framework of the Integrated Social Service Project, and project-specific organizations.