chapter  2
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Solar Energy in the Less Developed Countries

WithGeorge O.G. Löf

Food refrigeration with solar energy probably has a more practical application in large central refrigeration plants where the high capital costs of the equipment can be more readily borne. There are two primary reasons that solar energy has not been successfully applied in the developing countries of the world. The first reason, applicable also to the developed world, is that solar energy is expensive. Although "raw" solar energy is essentially free, when converted to a useful form, it is one of the most expensive sources of energy people have. Another solar heat application is space heating. Although the need for space heating is not great in most of the developing countries, winter heating is a requirement in many areas. Particularly in the more developed sections of these countries, the space heating of public buildings, schools, and business enterprises which have the capability for under-writing the cost of the system, appears to be a practical application of solar energy.