chapter  3
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Photovoltaic Technology

WithMorton B. Prince

The US National Photovoltaic Program, which is the responsibility of the Division of Solar Energy of the Energy Research and Development Administration, will be described with its goals, objectives, strategy, and plans. Photovoltaics is the direct conversion of sunlight into electrical energy with no intermediary processes. The overall goal of the photovoltaic program is to develop reliable, low-cost photovoltaic systems and to stimulate the creation of a viable industrial and commercial capability to produce and distribute these systems for widespread use in residential, industrial, and commercial and governmental applications. Government involvement will provide the industry with a large initial market and the public with a basis for technology comparison. The solar cells purchased will be carefully tested, evaluated, and used in various government and non-government applications. The program strategy also includes studies to determine the necessary costs for photovoltaic systems for on-site and central station applications.