chapter  7
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Wood Waste as an Energy Source in Ghana

WithJohn W. Powell

Kumasi is the capital of the ancient kingdom of Ashanti which comprises the Ashanti Region of Ghana, almost the whole of Ashanti is covered by tropical forests and more than half of the sawmills in Ghana are located in or around Kumasi. It is therefore an ideal location for the study of the tropical high forest and the industries which it supports. The tropical forests of Ghana cover perhaps one third of the land area or about 30,000 square miles. Much of the remainder of the Country supports more limited tree cover of savanna species. It is variously estimated that between 150 and 300 species of trees grow in Ghana. According to Siwek, a total of 10 million cubic metres of wood is obtained in Ghana every year. The quantity of wood waste produced by the timber industry of Ghana must be considered to be only the smaller part of total quantity produced by logging, reforestation and farming operations.